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1 a small drink of liquor; "he poured a shot of whiskey" [syn: shot]
2 a person of Japanese descent [syn: Jap]
3 a tart spiciness [syn: piquance, piquancy, tang, tanginess, zest]
4 a small drink [syn: sip]
5 small sharp biting [syn: pinch]


1 squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle" [syn: pinch, squeeze, twinge, tweet, twitch]
2 give a small sharp bite to; "The Queen's corgies always nip at her staff's ankles"
3 sever or remove by pinching or snipping; "nip off the flowers" [syn: nip off, clip, snip, snip off] [also: nipping, nipped]nipped See nip

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  1. past of nip

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Nip may refer to:
  • Nip is a derogatory word for a Japanese person. It is derived from "Nippon" (mispronounced with a short "i" sound), the Japanese term for Japan. Usage in this context probably peaked around the time of World War II. It is seldom used this way today. Heard frequently on the WWII-based sitcom McHale's Navy.
  • Nip can also refer to a small quantity (mostly of a drink), such as a shot of liquor. In relation to spirits it tends to refer to a small, unmeasured quantity, but in Britain a nip of beer is specifically defined as a third of a pint (189ml). This is one of the three legal sizes for draught beer glasses; it was formerly used for very strong beer but is now rarely seen.
  • Nip is also used as part of the expression nip and tuck, originally a close contest, but now more often a slang reference to plastic surgery. See Nip/Tuck for the television series.
  • Nip can also refer to NIP number is a number under which your company is evidenced as a taxpayer (Poland).
  • Possibly the most common modern usage is in the expression nipped in the bud, a reference to something ended before it reached its full potential. Example: The athlete's career was nipped in the bud by major injuries.
  • to nip is a verb meaning something along the lines of 'to move quickly, but not very far', such as in the phrase "I'll just nip next door" and also 'to bite lightly (with intent to get one's attention but not to harm them)' as in "The hungry dog nipped at its owner's heals."
  • nip is also used as a synonym for 'chill' as in the phrase "there's a nip in the air tonight".
  • By extension of the meaning of the last two above, nippy or nipster can mean either chilly or quick, depending on the context, used in a sentence: "It's nippy outside today!" or "It's nipster!"
  • Nip in paper making is the place of intersection where one roll touches another.
  • Nip Slang for nipple as in "Nip slip"
  • to nip in slang is also a reference to someone's nipples being in an erect state often displaying through a layer of clothes.
  • Hamburgers served at the Salisbury House restaurant chain in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada are known as "nips".
  • Nip is scots slang for or "Gettin' Aff"
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